Church promotional video

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Here’s our latest church promo. It’s for Solid Rock Baptist Church in NJ. The Clark family was a pleasure to work with and their heart for the Northeast was inspiring! Take a look:

Be sure to check out the Clark Family’s incredible music ministry here:


Boys’ Ranch Promo Video

Posted in Recent Video Shoots on December 26, 2011 by Andrew Garcia

It’s been a long stretch of traveling, shooting and editing and we finally have a video to show for it! The last few video shoots have taken us to New York, New Jersey, Maine, DC and Tennessee. We’ve met some amazing people and seen some inspiring ministries. We will have several videos finished in the next couple months so stay tuned! This is a promotional video for a boys’ home in Tennessee. Please take a look and let us know what you think!


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The Two Hats release is fast approaching! In 9 days (November 11th), the missions documentary will be available for purchase on the Two Hats website and we will also be drawing 5 names to receive a free Two Hats DVD! Enter the drawing by:

1) Liking the Two Hats fan page on Facebook

2) Commenting on the giveaway status with a mission field that you would like to visit/serve in

3) To have your name entered twice, mention the Two Hats fan page or share the trailer on your wall

Show us some LIKE!

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Be sure to check out our new TWO HATS FAN PAGE on facebook where we’ll be posting behind the scenes footage soon! Like it, suggest it, comment and tell us why you’re excited to see TWO HATS!

I’ll be Watching “Courageous” at the Cinema and Here’s Why…

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I am a Conservative, Independent, Fundamental Baptist. That description scares some people, and rightfully so. The media has done a number to the reputation of “Fundamentalists” by exploiting every rock-throwing, gay-bashing, funeral-protesting idiot who calls himself/herself by the same title. I do not identify with these people. I believe people have a right to be upset at them! But just because there is a handful of people out there who tarnish the name that best describes my personal body of beliefs, I am not going to jump ship.

All that being said, I want to make it clear that I am not a Baptist because I was raised to be, nor am I a Baptist because my Alma Mater taught me to be. I am a Baptist because the doctrine that is taught, and the philosophy that is practiced is more closely lined up with Scripture than any other religion I’ve seen. But Baptists are not perfect in every way. As a whole, we often make the mistake of turning our “personal standards” into doctrines, and we beat people over the head when they don’t do things the way we do. One such culprit is that of (scary music cue) THE THEATER!

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I am not criticizing anyone for having personal standards. I am coming down hard on people who have made their standards into the law. This is the heart of the article – The Bible never says don’t go to the theaters, it says not to set any wicked thing before your eyes (Psalm 101:3). Look beyond the surface. What we believe and practice should stem directly from biblical principles and not from the standards themselves. I was talking to a close friend of mine recently who is an assistant pastor at an Independent Baptist church. He has never been to the movie theaters himself, yet he had the wherewith to say “We as Baptists have illigetimized our reasons for not going to the theater.” That pretty much summed up how I felt.

I am going to list out and analyze all of the major reasons people have given me for not going to the theater. All I ask you do while reading this is think:

“Abstain from All Appearance of Evil”
This must be the most common reason given. It also must be the most hypocritical (in most cases). Just think for a minute here. How is walking into the theater more of an appearance of evil than having a smartphone? There is untold evil available to people these days and it’s hanging right on their hip! I know of pastors who would never step foot in a theater but have an Apple TV right in their living room. I know of staff members who aren’t allowed to rent from Redbox so they have a Netflix (Qwickster) subscription instead. For some strange reason beyond my comprehension, there are many pastors who’ll take their families to the IMAX but would never darken the door of the multiplex. That one is a head-scratcher. These are glaring examples of inconsistency and a lack of adhering to higher principles.

“Lack of Control”
This one is a little trickier and there is definitely some truth to it. When you’re sitting in the theater with a large audience you don’t have the remote control (or “clicker” as my wife calls it). Something may come up on the screen that you didn’t want you or your kids to see. Then you’re faced with the awkward decision of whether to walk out or not. This is further complicated if you’ve gone to see the movie with someone else who may not have quite the same standards as you. This is why I HIGHLY recommend researching every movie before you see it. There are websites that literally spell out every area of concern for the current films playing. Here is a very thorough site:
Unfortunately, there is no way to know which trailers will play before the film. The trailers that play are usually relative to the content and rating of the feature presentation, but not always. If you’re worried about all of the posters hanging on the walls, believe me, you’re bombarded with way more offensive stuff when you stroll through the mall.

“It’s Expensive”
Yes, it is. This is really a matter of priority. Golf is also expensive. So is eating out. If a movie isn’t worth $10 a ticket to you, then don’t go. But some people may really enjoy the experience of watching a film on a giant screen with a lively audience. This is just personal preference. I don’t think I need to address those that say they “don’t want to give their money to the world.”

“I Don’t Want to Cause My Brother to Stumble”
Now this is a Biblical principle! Romans 14. If this was your only reason for not going to the theater it would be honorable. I know pastors that give this as the reason for not attending the theater and I find it very refreshing. I have had the opportunity to travel all over the country and see a lot of different ministries. In some places, going to the theater is a big deal, in others it’s not. I happen to attend a church that does not make an issue of the theater itself, but rather the higher biblical principles behind the standards.

There are many other reasons people give not to go to the theater. Some I’ve probably never considered. But the four I mention seem to be the most common.

Please don’t take this article the wrong way. I am not trying to make anyone upset, only trying to challenge you to think. If you disagree with me, that’s alright! I also don’t want to come across as an apologist for all things movie-related. I think Hollywood is mostly trash and not worth your time and money. Occasionally there is a film that comes along that IS worth it. Today is the opening for the new Sherwood Pictures-produced “Courageous” ( I will be watching this film with my wife and my parents. My dad is an assistant pastor and the godliest man I know. He is also the most consistent and balanced man I know.

I am thrilled that Christian films have come as far as they have. We need more films like this to be made. I think it’s sad that many Christians will not go see “Courageous” and show their support for wholesome Christian films because they are tied down to an outdated, inconsistent standard.

Food for thought.

Two Hats – a COMPLETED film on mission life in PNG

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We are excited to announce that Second Mile Films has finished it’s first feature-length film, Two Hats! We watched the entire movie all the way through for the first time on September 20, 2011. Praise the Lord!

We sent it out to a test audience of about 30 people to review and give feedback. Everyone loved it! Some changes have been made based on a few of the suggestions and the movie is even better than before! The film will be released earlier than we had planned – probably November. Today it was sent off to Vision Forum where they will decide if Two Hats is to be shown at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival in February.

In the meantime, please help us spread the word! Grab our button on the side bar to share on your blog or website!

In other Christian film news, the new Christian film, Courageous, comes out in theaters tomorrow! Join us in going out to show your support of clean edifying films!

GoPro @ Camp

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This was one of the most fun shoots I’ve done. I got to spend a full week at Camp CoBeAc. I made heavy use of the GoPro camera for the activities and competitions and was able to get shots that I would never attempt with my GH2.